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Hey, everyone, it’s your friend Young Flame. OK, I know this was Thinknoodles’ to begin with and now I feel bad. I’m sorry, Think, for stealing your sacred opening! Anyway, we have a special announcement. This episode of Poptropica News @ 10 was first aired on August 25, 2013. I hope you enjoy!

Hi Poptropiviewers. This is your Weekly Episode of Poptropica News @ 10. (This is actually the first episode :D XD ) This week’s episode has feature such as: A costume special, a Virus Hunter Island comic summary, Daily POPs, and a special word from Nameless with Blast From The Past. Poptropica News @ 10, begins… NOW.


Hello Poptropicans. This is the latest Poptropica News Show. We’ve got some BIG updates this week!! I think we will start with Dr. Y. Flame. Here is Dr. Flame with a Pandemic Panic explanation:

Dr. Flame:

Hey, everyone. I’m Dr. Flame, bringing you some of  your latest in Poptropica news.

First up, all evil minions, your hard work paid off. The Lego Cuusoo has reached 10,000 votes. For those of you who are unaware what the Lego Cuusoo is, the Poptropica creators have presented the idea for a “Dr. Hare’s Lair” to the Lego company. They have been trying to reach for 10,000 votes, which will influence whether or not our dream will become a reality. Now that we have reached our goal, the Poptropica creators have realised a new code for a Dr Hair Lair Light and Shadow costume. The code is DRHARE10000.

Screenshot at Aug 20 12-45-14

Next up, the famous ‘Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic’ has just been completed. Dr. Lange and her crew are hunting a deadly virus. When, they finally catch it, they isolate the virus in a jar. The leave it behind to cure, planning to come back for further investigation. When a tourist bus comes along, everyone is admiring the beautiful scenery. Everyone except one unlucky Poptropican. He ran out of jam for his french fries. He spotted the virus and mistaking it for jam, he took some. When Dr. Lange and her crew came back the next day for further investigation of the virus, they found it gone, with a note from the tourist and a credit for payment. We are still trying to find the Poptropican, and until we do, there will be a slight chance of a pandemic outbreak. But don’t panic, we have it under control.

On a happier note, the whole shindig was recorded into a comic and is now available for downloading at http://static.poptropica.com/blog/VHcomic.pdf .

That’s all for today.

This is Dr. Y. Flame. Back to you Nameless!


Thank you Dr. Flame!! Now, (Looks over to partner Lucky Snowball aka ross1dog) Lucky, I did some research… Lucky: No!!! NOT RESEARCH!! I’m TIRED!! Of RESEARCH!!!! Nameless: Lucky!! Lucky!! I said did some research!! Geez, calm down!  Poptropiviewers, I went through some old Poptropica Creator’s Blog posts… All the way back to Zomberry Island files. I have created a time frame, but it may not be exact.

Before Zomberry Island was released, they released a 6-part comic, similar to Pandemic Panic, called Day Zero. I went back, and the last comic was released on the 10th. And the island was released the 19th. Now, Pandemic Panic Part 6 was released on the 16th… Could there be a possible time frame the Creator’s are giving us to hint on?? We will find out today, because it has now been 9 days since Part-6 was released.

Now with a special costume segment from………………..!!!!!………: Sleepy Feather!!

Slippery Icicle:

Hey there everyone!! I’m Slippery Icicle, but my FANS call me Si! (But I’m not uncle Si… No relation whatsoever) I’m a costume designer… Oh, wait that’s kind of obvious, well thank you Nameless for featuring me! And I would just like everyone to know that this is an original. I designed it specifically for those who are SUPER DUPER EAGER to play Virus Hunter Island. So, stop in the common room wearing THIS, and you’ll stick out like Channing Tatum at a Crazy Cat Ladies Convention. Here is the scientist (A girl’s costume)

ScientistName: The Scientist (Virus Hunter)

Creator: Slippery Icicle

How to Create It:

  • Jacket from scientist on Super Power Island
  • Lips from Biker
  • Dress from lady in B.A.D. Bistro on Spy Island
  • Hair from random player in common rooms
  • Glasses from girl near The Fjording on Twisted Thicket Island
  • Bangs from fan on motel roof on Reality TV Island
  • Clipboard from scientist on Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab

There you go! I REALLY hope you guys like this… Also, please check out my site, HERE? Nameless, I think you’re back on…


I love the costume!! I think I’m going to have to wear that instead of my usual… (To see Nameless’ usual, go HERE, but my necklace and belt are missing, I have to wait until I get back to Astro-Knights to get those) So, I think it’s time to move on to our next segment, Daily POPs!! Could the Creator’s be giving us more Island Information than they think?? Find out when we return to Poptropica News @ 10.

This portion provided by:

I Play Poptropica!! I play Poptropica is an iSplazo site. Anyone whose someone who plays Poptropica goes there!! (Nameless: Okay, did I really just say that??) If you go there, you could: Figure out a Poptropica Glitch, become an Author, or maybe meet a CELEBRITY!!!! GO GO GO


Thank you Silver Penguin for sponsoring our blog!! Now, here is the latest released Daily POP from Fierce Popper! Fierce Popper?? FP: Hold on!! My laptop is SUPER SLOW! Gimme a second!!! There, okay?? Geez, Oh yeah… Here is Fierce Popper with the latest Daily POP (As of when this was typed)

PN @ 10 daily POP 1It seems to me that it is telling a story of an Island right through here?? Someone was desperately trying to go a row on the boat and it couldn’t… Maybe it’s afraid of the water?? And if you look, it seems that rope is the same we use to get in and out of out traveling blimps… Also, the Creator’s have been sending VERY MIXED SIGNALS!! First we make a discovery of Poptropolis returning (Probably for the 2014 olympics), then something called “Mocktropica”??, some stuff that looks to be the sequel of Legendary Swords (Mini-game available in the store.), and some sort of Campground?? If all these turn into a single Island, we are going to have a LOT OF guide writing!!!!… So, back to Nameless.


She stole my cue cards!!!! I was supposed to use those on Poptropican Awesomeness… :’-( C’mon Nameless be a big girl, you– Are back on the air?? Umm, well thank you for that update on the Daily POPs Fierce Popper. Tell Friendly Popper that I’ll be visiting you and Small Popper in a couple of weeks. Now Poptropiviewers!! I think we have gotten close to the end of our show… Sadly, but this IS only Episode 1, there are gonna be more!!  It might be a weekly thing, or an every-other-week thing… It depends on how many people view, if not enough do, PNN may shut us down. To sign the petition, please comment below.


If you would like to submit a segment, or be featured in the PN @ 10 Show, completely free, then please comment or use the Contact Form to submit. It must be Poptropica related. All of the info will be added shortly to the Segments Page. Thank you Poptropiviewers. Nameless, owner of PNN.

Thanks for watching! And of course, Noodle On! 😉


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