No Time To Waste

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Coming and going on Virus Hunter Island

For many of you, tomorrow is a big day: your first chance to get on the stick and start hunting viruses in the jungle of the body. About time! We’re excited for more people to play all the way through Virus Hunter Island.

As Poptropica giveth, so Poptropica taketh away. Remember, the Virtual Virus Costume will be gone from the Poptropica Store once Virus Hunter Island becomes available to everyone!

Then there’s the matter of the vending machine. We’ve been handing out a new item every week that Virus Hunter Island has been available to Poptropica Members. The last of these, the Ship Follower, will remain available for just one more week.

So if you’re a Poptropica Member and you haven’t yet nabbed all of the great stuff you’re entitled to, now’s the time! Don’t miss out. And if you’re not a Member, you can become a Member today to get these goodies before they’re gone.

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Well, I know I got the items I could… My Membership expired while I was in Joe’s arm for the second time… Then it kicked me off the island and won’t let me back on.
Plus there is a poll in the sidebar of the Creator’s Blog. Of course I voted Waterbottles and iPhone Cases (I just got an iPhone, and I’m big on athletics 😀 ). So, vote fast, only a week left.

PS: Here is the second latest PCBPost, since I forgot to post it already:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What else would you like in the Poptropica Shop?

The Poptropica Shop cranks out the customized t-shirts like nobody’s business. But we got to thinking: what else would be fun to put your Poptropican on? We have a few ideas. But we need your input.

Take a moment to vote in our poll to your right. Tell us which new product you’d most like to be able to get with your Poptropican’s beautiful face plastered on it.

The poll will be open through the end of next week. Thanks for your help!

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