Poptropica News @ 10

Poptropica News @ 10 is an original News show, produced and Directed by Nameless and Co-Hosted by Young Flame. In the PN @ 10 show, Poptropiviewers are allowed to submit segments, that could be fetured in an upcoming Episode!! If you would like to submit, please email me at youngflame12345@gmail.com or Nameless at nameless undefined@gmail.com. It must be Poptropica Related.

Here are some things that I would accept (Not the only things though):

  • Daily Pops, what you think they’re for.
  • Poptropica Sports update. (Not real, and not EXACTLY based off of real sports, and made up)
  • Poptropica Weather. 
  • 24 Carrot Island Update (Would only be available to Members though… They get the full screen without being on BETA.
  • Poptropolis Games possible return

Things like that, but not flat-out copied. If you decide not to because you won’t get it sent in, in time for it, then don’t worry… This will be weekly, or every other week. Which ever I decide fits good timing. So, don’t worry, there will be more that your entry could be in. I’m also still accepting blog advertisements for PN@10.

Please Submit:

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed and Young Flame


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