The Adventures of Gentle Fang

Hey, everyone! Young Flame here. Today I’m going to show you Part 1 of the Adventures of Gentle Fang. If you want to see the rest, gohere. There you can read the rest that’s out. Samwow5 gave us permission to give you the first episode. If you want to see the rest, you’re gonna want to go the his blog and check it out. Enjoy!


Episode 1: Prologue

(August 16, 2012 released)

Tough Icicle: Here is Gentle Fang.

Gentle Fang: Hi.

Tough Icicle: Well, he is the star of his new show about Poptropica.

Curtain rolls open for the first time, (audience claps)

Announcer: Gentle Fang is a curious Poptropican who’s overprotective uncle wouldn’t allow him to go to any islands other than Wild West Island . So one night, he ran away, and been in exploring ever since.

Gentle Fang: Uncle, Why don’t let me go to other islands with you?

Uncle Fang: All the other islands are too dangerous for a young kid like you.

Gentle Fang: Please, let me for once.

Uncle Fang: Sorry, I’ll try an other time,

Uncle Fang: I’ll be back 2 days, stay here, Ok

Gentle Fang: OK.

*nighttime* 10:30 pm Gentle Fang falls asleep.

*morning* Gentle Fang wakes up, decides to run away to another island.

To Be Continued…

O.K. What did you guys think of it? I liked it and want to see what happens next! Check back often for more stories on the PNN.


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